Ipods in BMW

iPods in BMWs

This year, Apple Computer and BMW introduced a new adapter that enables owners of many BMW automobiles (3 Series, Z4 Roadster, and X3 and X5 Sports Activity Vehicles) made since 2002 to integrate Apples iPod digital music player into their cars sound system. The adapter retails for $149 and requires installation by a BMW technician.

This paper discusses the reasons why the demand for the iPod adapter for car stereos will be high.

An iPod is a portable, high capacity music player with a rechargeable battery good for eight to ten hours of playback, and easy-to-use controls. The iPod lets the user to transfer large quantities of song files and other files quickly to the player. It has a hard drive about the same size as those used in small laptop computers, allowing the device to double as a contact database, calendar and note board.

With extra hardware, a user can extend the iPods capabilities even further. For example, with a microphone, a user can record audio directly onto it. And, using a custom media reader, a user can store digital photos on the iPods hard disk.

The iPod adapter for car stereos incorporates a cable thats plugged directly into the BMWs sound system. The cable, which resides in the cars glovebox, plugs into the dock connector of the iPod. It charges the iPods battery while allowing the driver to control iPod track selections, playlists, and volume from the dashboard sound system controls and from controls on the steering wheel.

The later option means that drivers dont need to take their hands off the steering wheel to change tracks on their iPod.

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