Gender Equality Has Been an

This does not mean, however, that money is not important, because having enough money for female recruitment and scholarships allows many more women to excel at sports programs at many different colleges and universities.

Some female coaches have also encountered difficulties when they speak out about perceived wrongdoing when it comes to the distribution of money (Fish, D1). Even though Title IX required gender equity, there are many places where this has not happened and women are still concerned with punishment if they complain. Since Title IX has not been enforced in many schools across the country this has made many people wonder whether there will ever be equity when it comes to gender, race, and other issues, and this problem is not just for colleges and universities.

It also extends to high schools and middle schools as well, where children should be taught that everyone is equal and deserves to be treated with respect.

Instead, they are shown that women are not worthy of as much money as men, and that what they are given is not as high quality or important. This starts the belief in gender differences and the significance of one gender over another at a very early age for many people. It is a lesson that many would not want taught to their children, since they will likely carry that opinion with them into their adult lives as well. How these individuals react to these kinds of issues in the future will largely be affected by the things that they are taught today, and when all they are taught is that women are not equal and do not deserve the same high-quality treatment that men receive, that is the message that they will carry with them.

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